Inspired theme of flame dragon and power spirit we impact our culture and save our planet - home space for future generation
The “White Dragon” project is dedicated to environmental awareness, and we strive to attract as many people as possible to our idea, to create
a strong society united by one goal.

Art is a powerful tool in the fight for the conservation of nature, so we are preparing a NFT collection, symbolizing the unity and strength of natural elements.

For those who become our ambassadors, we are ready to give NFT, which make it possible to become part of our ecosystem, our partners, receive unique content from us, the opportunity to vote, comment and be part of the project.
Innovative worldwide nonprofit environmental awareness art initiative created by Satori Me, the Dubai-based pioneers behind the first ecological forum in metaverse.
This visionary show brings together artists and gallerists from all over the world to honor the tremendous bond that exists between mankind, Mother Earth, and the dragon mythology that has entranced people for generations. With the goal of reversing the tendency of stereotyping dragons in modern society, this exhibition rekindles their spiritual meaning and brings many cultures together in a collective awakening.