White Dragon
This visionary show brings together artists and gallerists from all over the world to honor the tremendous bond that exists between mankind, Mother Earth, and the dragon mythology that has entranced people for generations. With the goal of reversing the tendency of stereotyping dragons in modern society, this exhibition rekindles their spiritual meaning and brings many cultures together in a collective awakening.
Innovative worldwide nonprofit environmental awareness art initiative created by Satori Me, the Dubai-based pioneers behind the first ecological forum in metaverse.
The "White Dragon" project is dedicated to environmental awareness, and we strive to attract as many people as possible to our idea, to createa strong society united by one goal.

Art is a powerful tool in the fight for the conservation
of nature, so we are preparinga NFT collection, symbolizing the unity and strength of natural elements.

For those who become our ambassadors, we are ready to give NFT, which make it possible to become part of our ecosystem, our partners, receive unique content from us, the opportunity to vote, comment
and be part of the project.
Dragons were regarded as emblems of divine wisdom and spiritual value in primordial civilizations all over the world, including ancient China, Japan, and Native American tribes. Their legacy, however, has been twisted and erased by history. Nowadays, visionaries and artists such as Chen Rong Chinese artists in the 13th century evoked the ancient majesty of dragons in their paintings. The "White Dragon" exhibit illustrates a watershed point in our planet’s history, when the reappearance of dragons inspires a fresh appreciation for their everlasting symbolism and significance.
The show comprises modern artists, each entrusted with bringing one of dragons to life. These artists were chosen for their distinct artistic techniques, backgrounds, and interpretations of dragons respected significance in their individual cultures, and they will be showcased in a multimedia display.
This revolutionary "phygital" exhibition combines physical and digital art and features stunning digital paintings, video art, and three-dimensional sculptures. Throughout 2023, "White Dragon" will be shown in five major cities throughout the world: Tokyo, Dubai, Hong Kong, New York, and London.
Environmental vision
History & Cultural

The Nine Dragons painting, a masterpiece of Chinese art created during the 13th century, is an inspiring symbol of cultural continuity. This important artwork features nine powerful dragons, each possessing unique appearances, postures, and expressions.
This painting follows the manner of the most celebrated dragon painter in Chinese history, the scholar-official and Daoist master Chen Rong. Chen famously avoided depicting the complete forms of his dragons, preferring to preserve their mystery
by partially obscuring them in mists and clouds. In places, the artist of this work depicts a dragon in its entirety, one of the signs that it is a later painting in Chen’s manner.
The inscription at the end is either a copy of an authentic Chen Rong or an outright fabrication.
The Dragons painting depicts a fascinating and diverse array of thes mythical creatures, each representing different elements and aspects of nature, and in our vision correlating with major environmental problems facing humanity:
  • Luke Brown
  • Synticate Art group
  • Patrice Hubert
  • Grishanti Holon
  • Android Jones
  • Asur Misoa
  • Jaek Bryo & Collab
  • Ellen Sheidlin
White Dragon by Satori Me
 successfully came flying to Arts DAO Fest

Wow Summit Hong Kong
We are delighted to share with you bright moment of participation in WOW summit Hong Kong.
Our founder Maria Ivina was speaking at panel discussion.
FOCUS Art Fair

Talented artists, sculptors, and visionaries from around the world came together with a high purpose and poured their energy, talent, and depth into manifestation of each Dragon.
Satori Me is very proud and appreciated to collaborate with incredible artists! We are so grateful and touched to receive such a deep interest and admiration of our exhibition at the art fair!
Wow Summit Hong Kong
"How it feels to be a speaker at large-scale Web3 event in Hong Kong? I tell you It’s amazing experience to share the same stage with industry leaders and experts!" - Maria Ivina
29-30 March 2023
FOCUS Art Fair
New York
We were thrilled to have the opportunity to showcase these art pieces. This amazing collection of dragons is the result of inspiration rooted in one of the oldest stories on Earth, the tremendous bond that exists between mankind, Mother Earth, and the Dragons.
February 2023
Project launch
March 2023
Curatorial work
18-21 May 2023
Focus New York :
May 2023
Private pre-view
March 2023
Wow summit
Hong Kong
September 2023
Focus Art Fair
Saatchi Gallery
London, UK
January 2024
Dubai, UAE
February 2024
January 2024
Launch of art
objects sales
Event dedicated to Chinese Dragon New Year
organized by Satori Me x Mondoir gallery x Metagate

Wow summit
Hong Kong
March 2024
Arts Dao Festival
April 2024
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